A Community Based Organization (CBO) which focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas through networking, technical training and support and professional mentoring and coaching. It brings together techpreneurs, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors and donors and provides them an opportunity to share knowledge, learn, find mentors and expound on tech ideas that will lead to the development of new technologies in Kenya and globally at large.


The objective is to grow and further build the capacity for the community within Mombasa and the Coast and create empowered individuals capable of transforming themselves as well as their society by means of innovation and technology.


  1. Create a tech ecosystem throughout the Kenyan Coast.
  2. Empower the various players in the tech arena.
  3. Foster research and innovation.
  4. Create opportunities for everyone.
  5. Contribute to regional development.

About us

The Mombasa Tech Community is a brain child of two people. Alifiyah Ganijee and Said Fuad. The major objective behind the formation of this community was to bridge the gap that was at Mombasa, and ultimately within the coastal region in Kenya. The region has a massive amount of tech talent, but has no direction or roadmap for this talent. Ultimately the tech talent within the coast faces tons of challenges when it comes to career growth and exposure. The community's objectives seek to link this talent to the global village, and we believe that this talent has to have access to opportunities that arise globally.

Two years after the conception of the idea, the team has worked with over 25 organizations such as Google, Mozilla, Camara, BlackBerry, Nailab, Simbanet, Akirachix amongst others to launch over 85 local events and contests within Mombasa and has grown to a community of more than 500 members. The community envisions greater things to come through collaboration with partners, and the sky shall be the limit.

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